• January 2018- Hart's-tongue Happenings
    • Blurb on the plans for AHTF research during the winter of 2018 for the Clark Chronicle
  • October 2017- The Fern Crew
    • Blurb on the efforts of FORCES stewards and volunteers to protect the hart's-tongue fern from invasive plant species for the Clark Chronicle
  • Spring 2016- Steward Spotlight: FORCES and Ferns
    • Information and progress report for the AHTF reintroduction project for the Spring 2016 NYS Parks FORCES newsletter
  • January 2014- The Unlikeliest of Heroes

    • Based on an interview with ESF MS candidate Dale Warner regarding his research on pecan truffles


  • March 2014- Clark Reservation State Park BioBlitz. Panel 1 - Panel 2
    • A tri-fold brochure designed for Clark Reservation State Park BioBlitz event on I Love My Park Day.

Lesson Plans


  • April 2014- Clark Reservation State Park
    • I Love My Park Day & BioBlitz events

Wayside Exhibits

  • April 2014- Clark Reservation State Park
    • Low profile wayside exhibit (24"x36")designed for the nature playground at Clark Reservation State Park. Each animal has a flap (page 2) with information about what it eats.